What if school created engaged, flourishing and life-long learners?

A modern & innovative K-6 "single-room schoolhouse” for Tampa families.


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Learn to learn. Learn to do. Learn to be.

Apollo Academy is a progressive elementary private school that believes children are far more capable than we think. We provide a framework and environment that prioritizes mastery of foundational curriculum while providing children with the freedom to make their own decisions, explore at their will and define who they want to be. Apollo Academy reimagines school to be a place where families can flourish and thrive.

The proven approach is modeled after Acton Academy founded in Austin, Texas in 2008. Today, the Acton network has a global reach with over 350 schools (and counting) worldwide.

We are currently inviting like-minded families to join us for fall 2023. If you are in pursuit of a better way to educate that focuses on developing curious, confident and thriving children who will change the world, then join us at Apollo Academy.

Apollo Academy vs. Traditional School

Students lead and govern their own mixed-age classroom with the support of guides. Our guides use the Socratic method to ask questions rather than lecture and learners mentor one another. We focus on building community, encouraging learners on their quests and creating an environment to foster growth and discovery.

Traditional School
Teachers lecture from the front of the classroom and children are asked to sit and listen for the majority of their time at school. Students are expected to follow rules set by the school and teachers with no input from the learners themselves. Typically, students are grouped by age regardless of ability and have little input into their learning or projects.
Progress is measured on an individual basis based on a students’ interests and goals. Individual portfolios and mastery of learning track and measure progress. Our Journey Tracker tool enables guides, parents and learners to access real-time progress updates anytime.

Tracking Progress
Traditional School
Homework and exams are used to measure student progress compared to averages. Standardized tests are used frequently to determine individual success with little regard for mastery of topics.
Our approach blends modern technology, real-world projects, the Socratic method and Montessori lessons to create an unique approach. Apollo Academy joins 350+ schools worldwide as an Acton Affiliate. Incorporating technology enables a personalized journey to mastering concepts and sets up students for success in the real world.

Learning Approach
Traditional School
Traditional schools continue to rely on textbooks, lectures and memorization. The skills that allow a student to get good grades do not match those that are required in today’s fast-moving, digital age. These schools may be hesitant or not yet equipped to embrace the individualized nature that modern technology can offer.

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