How much “screen time” do students have each day?

Apollo balances the advantages of tech-based learning while minimizing technology practices that isolate or disengage. Socratic discussions around this topic will take place regularly in student and parent meetings as we seek first and foremost to learn in community and from the natural world. Core skills learning takes place with high quality online programs that equip students to better engage in the amazing project-based learning that happens at Apollo Academy.

Students who go to an Acton affiliate are typically more equipped with interpersonal skills, the ability to critically think and problem solve with peers due to the Socratic discussions, studio self-governance and quests that require daily teamwork.

Our Spark students (Kindergarten through second graders) have between 0-45 min of screen time daily. Our older learners use computers for core skills (reading, spelling and math) work in the morning for 1-2 hours, depending on the week. Individualized learning goals are regularly established and tracked with peers and guides. A student-created internet-use policy ensures technology tools are used appropriately. If you have questions on this subject, please talk with us.