What is the Children's Business Fair?

By Beth Ann Valavanis, Jul 8, 2021
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When you enter the doors of any Acton affiliate, it might feel more like a startup company than a traditional school. That's by design. The Acton model is designed to prepare learners for success in today's modern society.

Entrepreneurship is a key component of Apollo Academy quests. Learners in our Spark studio explore concepts like profit, target audience and minimum viable product. They will discover their inner entrepreneur as they prepare for the Children's Business Fair. This community event allows Apollo Academy learners to showcase their work, learn about business and earn a profit. The Children's Business Fair is a national event with over 831 fairs across 266 cities in 26 countries over the years. We'll be excited to host our very own community event after Apollo Academy launches in 2022.

While this event is an incredible hands-on learning opportunity, it has also produced legit businesses and incredible success stories. The most notable being Me & the Bees Lemonade, started by then 4- year old Makaila who became fascinated by bees after getting stung. She found her great grandmother's recipe for flaxseed lemonade, added her own creative touch and the rest is history. Me & The Bees was featured on Shark Tank and picked up by major retailers like Whole Foods and Wegman's. Hear more on her story here.

Whether your student participates in the fair or you visit to see what it's all about, we look forward to hosting soon!

Children's Business Fair 2014 from Amanda Horvath on Vimeo.

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