Apollo Academy is a proud partner of K12 Reimagined

Nov 16, 2021
Apollo Way, Resources, Videos

As a follow-up to the previous post about K12 Reimagined: a virtual summit for Florida families navigating alternative schooling options.

Apollo Academy joined over a dozen Florida-based Acton Academy affiliates for an online virtual summit exploring the learner-driven approach, unschooling and what it means to live with purpose. The collaborative hosted eight sessions over three days with the keynote session featuring the Acton founders, Jeff and Laura Sandefer.

If you're intrigued by Apollo Academy, but still unsure what it means to be "learner-driven" or how we are on a mission to help "everyone who walks through our doors to find a calling that will change the world," then you should watch a recording of the sessions. There are two sessions specifically that draw back the curtain and let us see into a typical studio. ArtsThereafter, an Acton affiliate in St. Cloud, showcases their campus in this bonus session. Acton Academy North Broward walks through a typical day in the studio this detailed informative session.

Apollo Academy founder, Beth Ann Valavanis, had the pleasure of interviewing three "real life superheroes" who live in Florida and attend an Acton affiliate. The learners range from ages 10 to 16 and have diverse backgrounds when it comes to their educational path that ultimately led them to a learner-driven studio. Beth Ann covers a range of topics from how their school experience has changed their family's trajectory to how they have leveraged their gifts to explore their passions. This session is embedded below, but you can also find this session on YouTube by clicking here.

You can check out all of the eight sessions on the website K12 Reimagined.

Apollo Academy is currently accepting applications for the 2022-2023 school year. If something you've seen struck a cord and you'd like to take the next step, check out the application process and schedule a call today!