A Day in the Life at Apollo Academy

Aug 12, 2021
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One of the questions I receive most often when talking to parents about the Acton approach is "What does the daily schedule look like?"

The Acton model is so drastically different from traditional school that it's difficult to understand how it plays out in real life. In fact, I had the exact same question when I was diving into the resources and "drinking from a fire hose" on all things Acton. Understanding how the day is structured really clarified for me, and other parents, how we accomplish the learner-driven model in our studio at Apollo Academy. Although there are always exceptions and variances, the daily schedule remains intact throughout the school year.

But before I provide a sample daily schedule, I think it’s important to take a step back and introduce an “overarching” (pun intended) cornerstone that is part of everything that we do. Whether it’s a school day that lasts seven hours or a school year that lasts 10 months, every period of time that we have together is organized as a “learning arc.” A learning arc is just a fancy way of articulating the narrative arc of any heroic story. Like a great adventurer setting sail on his or her journey and returning home, each day, week, quest and year have a storyline that starts with a launch and ends with a reflection upon return. For more about the hero's journey, Check out this post.

With that in mind, our typical daily schedule at Apollo Academy looks like this:

We incorporate specialty sessions like outdoor games and yoga into the school day a few times per week and offer learners the option to enroll in dance class if that is interesting to them. We prioritize mental health alongside physical health by practicing mindfulness through meditation daily. Lastly, we carve out time for civilization each week where the learners focus on historic heroes, events and places.

Since this is an approach that all Acton Academies follow, check out the following additional resources from other Acton affiliates that also dive into the daily schedule that is similar to that of Apollo Academy.  Take a look at these posts to gain a deeper understanding of the Acton model.

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